Saturday, August 13, 2011

2G phones are better at making phone calls over a 3G smart phone

2G phones are better at making phone calls over a 3G smart phone, according to the communications regulator Ofcom. Ofcom in the latest study found rural communities need to get rid of their smart phones if you want to make phone calls.

Although the latest models of mobile phones are emerging as the most popular smart phones Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S2 technology offers "third generation" (3G) for high-speed network access, email and internet, but Ofcom claims the phone "old school" which is still technologically more 2G either in making a call in rural areas due to the antenna includes an internal space.

This was proven when Ofcom test 2G phones in rural areas and finding performance features and entry-level phones are better at making calls and setting than smart phones. Regulatory bodies that assess the complexity of smart phone performance is reduced because it has no antenna and 2G mobile phones have no problem to switch from 2G-3G network, although the sound quality of both devices is the same.
Ofcom's research conducted to determine whether consumers need information about the cellular network coverage and proved to be only three out of ten customers who consulted with the operator. Ofcom encourage retail stores to inform customers about the results of their coverage before buying a mobile phone. Comparison is to check the coverage maps operators with different devices.

Agency inspectors found the performance difference tends to occur in practice and not necessarily a guide they bought the phones. Overall, Ofcom found the mobile networks have progressed, especially in areas with poor coverage such as rural areas and in buildings. However Ofcom to assess a number of areas in commercial areas that are not possible investment network coverage, according to the Telegraph.


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